Helen MarsdenWhen Helen first approached me she explained that having recently had a baby she hoped to lose those few extra pounds post-pregnancy and tone up. I initially asked her to write a food diary over a week to help me evaluate what her diet consisted of. It was no surprise that biscuits, cakes etc. had crept in slowly over time and contributed to the extra weight gain!

As Helen is a busy Mum working full time she struggled to eat healthily during the day as she was constantly on the go and had very little choice as to eating healthy foods whilst on the go!

The protocol that was put in place for Helen onsisted of the following:

As Helen was busy during the day working and busy looking after her two young children in the evening her time was limited. If she was serious about changing her life and becoming fitter and stronger early mornings were the only way round it!

“If the reason why is big enough, the facts don’t count”

Helen MarsdenHelen made the 30 minute journey and arrived at the studio at 6.15am ready for her work-out. She trained twice a week over 12 weeks and the results followed. Her training program consisted of high intensity workouts specifically designed to work the body three-dimensionally, burning body fat, building muscle tissue and increasing cardiovascular fitness.

She ate clean nutritious food every three hours, and during the day to support her whilst at work drank a powdered metabolic food that mixes into a delicious and satisfying shake to help improve body composition. A blend of soy protein, isoflavones, plant sterols, hops and acacia extract can also help support healthy cholesterol levels and insulin function. It contains a blend of hops and acacia extract for additional blood sugar support. It provides essential vitamins and minerals and is a high quality protein base: Pharmasoy is a technologically advanced nutritional blend of superior non-GM soy protein, isoflavones and dairy free calcium.

Helen MarsdenAs the photos show, Helen has achieved remarkable results in a short space of time, never missing a workout and remaining consistent throughout. She not only has lost body fat as opposed to weight loss which is promoted through various slimming clubs up and down the Country, I’m not knocking them, merely highlighting that it is a completely different ball game! The difference is that she has completely changed her body shape through resistance training – i.e. with weights. Sorry ladies, you cannot change your body shape merely by pounding the streets or flogging yourself on a cross trainer!

Helen did not give herself any excuses though on many occasions I’m sure would have preferred to have stayed in bed on a cold winter’s morning. I’m really proud of what she has achieved.

Go girl, you’re a superstar…