laurenWhen Lauren first approached me it was after many attempts from her friend Luke, who was training with me at the time, to start a training program as he felt it would benefit her too. Her response was along the lines of ‘There’s not a remote chance that I will set foot in a gym or anything else related to exercise’, or words to that effect! She was adamant it was not for her and should be left it to the freaks out there – who would want to exercise anyway, it’s boring!

So that was that. Or was it..?

Luke would continue to talk to Lauren about his training sessions and how he was enjoying it and how much better he felt and loved the individual attention from one to one sessions as opposed to training in a busy over crowded gym!

Lauren before and afterInterestingly something happened.

As the months passed by she could see positive changes in Luke not only physically but as importantly, mentally too.

He became more enthusiastic with each session and made fantastic progress as he was consistent and determined to make the right choices to live a healthier life-style.

He cut back on his drinking and chose to eat nutritious food,it wasn’t overnight though step by step results followed. What fantastic shape he’s in today, well done buddy, your awesome and you should be so proud of yourself.

So with Lauren finally on-board… the rest is history as they say.

I’m so proud of what Lauren has achieved and her determination to reach her target and as result is an inspiration to many. It wasn’t plane sailing and they were some rocky ground to cover at times though with persistence and the right mind set anything is possible!

Lauren could of quite easily made a number of excuses,after all she’s a single parent with two small children, working exceptionally hard with a home to run etc.

Lauren in swimwearIf the reason’s big enough the facts don’t count!

She is living proof that with the correct nutrition and training program and very importantly,the right mind set/attitude it can happen.

I certainly do not take any credit for what my clients have achieved over the many years I been training with them,only as much to say that it gives me great satisfaction and a sense of purpose that I am able to make a small difference to the lives of others.

Make the all important decision to change your life and step into your ‘greatness’

If not now…when?