Bikini body

Melt the fat and tone the muscle

Does the thought of shopping for holiday clothes fill you with dread? Do you get a sinking feeling at the very thought of wearing a bikini / swimsuit?

Do you wish you had planned getting into shape a little sooner, and not left it until the last minute, desperately starving yourself in a bid to lose a few pounds.

Do you get frustrated with the amount of the latest so called ‘diets’ claiming you can drop pounds in a matter of days, becoming more confused as to which one to follow?

Do you find yourself looking at other women with slight envy, often wishing you could look slim, toned and healthy, while receiving admiring glances?

If you answered YES to any of the above, NOW is the time to do something about it, and look forward to your forthcoming holiday, with excitement NOT full of panic and anxiety! Toss away your sarong and put those days of covering up, behind you!

One-to-one sessions have been created which are circuit-based workouts,and have been designed to get fast results, with high intensity to melt body fat and tone muscle leading to a change in body shape.

The workouts are challenging, the rewards are fantastic. Forget slogging away on a treadmill or pounding the streets, which will do very little to tone the muscles and change your body shape.

Why not train with a friend, or a group of friends, and enjoy the journey together.

Book your FREE consultation today, you’ll be glad you did, especially when you’re slipping into your bikini!

Have fun,get fit and work hard for your beach body, go all out, no excuses!

If not now, when?