Personal training over 40

We reach out forties and something changes. Nothing quite looks the way it did any-more hair, skin, body shape. Make-up we’ve relied on since our thirties no longer seems to work. Although to chase youth is like chasing the pot at the end of the rainbow, you’re never going to find it, though there are lots of things you can do to  help yourself look and feel great. You can find a new kind of beauty.

Why shouldn’t we reach 40, we pretty much know what we want and what we like! Though sometimes in the pace of today’s living we can easily be  dragged along in the flow of it all and neglect our own needs.

Perhaps your look is a little dated, clothes,hair and make-up. Have you found the pounds piling on over the years,finding yourself dreaming of the days when you were slim, toned and feeling confident about yourself.

Do you find yourself feeling confused with the vast array of diets available, attempting and failing at each one, leaving you feeling,yet again, back to  square one? Miserable and downhearted.

All around we see images displaying celebrities who claim to have lost  ridiculous amounts of weight in a short space of time, and generally put it all back on as quickly as they lost it!

First and foremost, looking good on the outside is one thing, though, more importantly, feeling good from the inside and creating health from within  is absolutely essential.

WHY you may ask?…..

  • To prevent disease which is the result of too much ACID in the body.
  • Your lifestyle and eating habits will lead to disease if you do not alkalise your blood with the proper foods and hydration.


Here at Nutribody we have a dedicated team of nutritionists , who will assist, advise and educate you on what your body needs to bring it to peak state! First point of call is to cleanse & clean the system and rid it off the toxic build up,which has accumulated over years of poor health choices.

All that you need to accomplish this is available here at Nutribody which consists of a 14 day nutriclean programme.

Please see the following list which is part of the programme to help you along the way:

What to expect post-NutriCleanse

As a result of cleansing the body and following it to the letter, here’s what to expect and the benefits you will receive:

1. A renewed sense of energy

2. Clearer Skin

3. Improved sleep

4. Improved digestion

5. Fat loss

6. Emotional & Spiritual upliftment

7. Clarity of mind

8. Bright Sparkling eyes

9. Smoother skin (clearing/reducing cellulite)

10. A sense of well-being

11. Increased confidence & Self-esteem

12. Happier disposition

The benefits are enormous, to undertake in the Nutri-detox programme you are assisting your body in healing from the inside out and further more:


Call to book your free consultation, don’t delay, your life depends on it!!

Looking good starts with feeling good from the inside!

Personal training

Just because you reach 40 and beyond does it mean everything has to fly South? Inevitably,nature takes its course and yes,without exercise and the correct nutrition how you once looked in your 20’s becomes a distant memory!

Though it is NEVER too late to change and feel proud of the way you look and feel,and without expensive cosmetic surgery!

Weight control

Unlike diets, a sound nutrition and exercise strategy can lead to a lifetime of stable weight, getting you off the weight loss-weight gain roller coaster that comes with diets. A fad diet may get you back in those size 10/12 trousers again for a month, but a well thought out fitness lifestyle can keep you in them forever.

Whether you participate in competitive sports,or just participate in activities of daily living such as carrying your child up and down the stairs or lifting the groceries out of the car boot,increased strength will allow you to perform better.  Resistance training and weight bearing exercise not only strengthens the muscles,but strengthens the skeletal system and connective tissue as well

The vast majority of Women are frightened at the thought of lifting weights, are often afraid of developing big bulky muscles in order to see improvements in muscular strength and endurance. This is a misconception,as a weight training programme will improve physical appearance due to the increase in muscle tissue. Muscle is metabolically active tissue and is the furnace of the body where fat  is actually used for energy. More muscle means faster metabolism.

Decreased risk of osteoporosis
Osteoporosis is a disease characterised by low bone mass and bone fragility, which leads to increased risk of fractures. Men as well as Women may suffer  from it. Studies have shown that resistance training and weight bearing exercises are effective in increasing bone mineral density

Improved Self-Esteem
There is a truth in the saying ‘when you look good you feel good’. The positive changes brought on by such a structured exercise and  supportive nutrition programme are not only physical. Increased confidence, energy and vitality are all benefits of a fitness lifestyle.

Decreased Stress
Studies have shown that exercise can cause the brain to release  endorphins and other neurotransmitters that actually help your mood and leave you feeling relaxed.

Improved Posture
Whether it is behind a desk at work,behind the wheel of a car or on the couch watching TV,we all spend a lot more time than we should on our butts. These positions can lead to lower back problem,weak and rounded shoulders,tight chest muscles and a hunched over posture. A properly designed  program can address these issues and help undo the  damage we intentionally do to our bodies all day long.

Improvements In Cholesterol Levels
Cholesterol,a fatty substance found in cells and blood,is necessary for many normal bodily functions. Unfortunately many people have cholesterol  readings that are too high – 200 and above- putting them at increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease. If you are overweight,loosing body fat  can reduce your LDL (bad) cholesterol and raise your HDL (good) cholesterol,and as little as thirty minutes of exercise on most days can help improve overall cholesterol levels.

Reduction In Resting Blood Pressure
Did you know that high blood pressure increases the risk of coronary heart disease and can cause heart attacks or strokes?

According to the British Association, 38% of adults have high blood pressure and nearly a third of them do not realize it, Out of the 38%, half of suffers are women.

While medications are often warranted, lifestyle changes including improvements in nutrition and regular exercise are key elements in the control of blood pressure.

Reduced Risk Of Injury
As noted above, stronger muscles,bones and connective tissue all contribute to reducing injuries. But regular exercise can also bring on improvements in balance and muscle control that can help prevent slips and falls that  could otherwise cause injuries.

Increased Metabolism
Contrary to popular perception,a fast or slow metabolism is not a gift or a curse you are given at birth. It is easy to blame your metabolism for weight gain, but in reality,we are NOT the victims of our metabolism,rather we are the CREATORS of our metabolism. While calorie restricted diets literally destroy your metabolism, a properly designed exercise and nutrition plan can dramatically fire up your metabolism so you burn more calories all day, every day.

Decreased Risk Of Diabetes
Type 1 diabetes,where the body makes little or no insulin,is usually diagnosed in childhood. Currently there is no known way to prevent type 1 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes,where the pancreas does not make enough insulin to keep  blood glucose at normal levels,usually occurs in adulthood and is far more  common,making up 90% of all cases of the disease. Maintaining an ideal body weight and an active lifestyle are two of the main factors in preventing the onset of type 2 diabetes.

Overall Improved Health
The health benefits of exercise have been known for thousands of years,as evidenced by this quote:

‘Speaking generally,all parts of the body which have a function,if used in moderation and exercised in labours to which each is accustomed, become healthy and well developed and age slowly. But,if left idle,they become liable to disease,deflective in growth and age quickly’
Hippocrates 370BC