Woman with personal trainer

I work with clients either on a one-to-one basis, in twos or in group sessions, which are held in my private training studio.

Creating the right environment

It is absolutely paramount to me to work in an environment with each client making sure there are no distractions. We live in such a noisy, busy world, day in day out.

Exercise is the coming together of body, mind and soul, helping you get back to centre, when all too often we’re knocked off balance. The benefits of working out in a private studio are numerous. No distractions, no onlookers, no sharing or waiting for equipment and definitely no TVs filling your head with negative garbage!

The training session typically lasts 60 minutes – which I often refer to as your ‘power hour’ – and is solely focused on the individual to get the most rewarding and enjoyable workout possible, left feeling energised and exhilarated.

Exercise need not be boring and mundane. I can pretty much guarantee that you will be biting at the bit for your next work-out! Please see testimonials to find out what other people have to say!

The studio is private, light and airy, boasting high quality equipment with much emphasis on working the body three dimensionally, which is what it is designed for, and therefore avoiding machines and focusing on using free weights, cables, medicine balls, resistance bands and, weather permitting, I love to get outdoors with clients having access to a nearby park and a great circuit I have created, including my infamous hill sprints!

Something to think about

While machines are easy and safe to use are they the best for you?  They actually decrease the stability required to perform an exercise compared to free weights and exercises which allow the body to move in a natural motion, and use more muscles required to stabilise the body.

Technique and form are very important in free-weight training  which is where your investment employing the help of a PT comes in. The human body performs in sport and recreation, with few exceptions on two feet. Running, jumping, skating, tennis, golf, football, boxing and the majority of sports are performed on the feet.

Why is it then that 99% of exercise machines in the gym are performed seated? Did you know that when we sit on our butts we put 40% greater load on our lumbar spines? Is there any wonder 70% of the population suffer with back pain often leading to sedentary lives.

When we are sitting up our hips, knees and ankles absorb and distribute the load throughout the body.

I think you will see from the overall approach free-weights win hands-down. Many people enjoy machines because they can load them up with more weight than the free weight version (yes some lift with their egos!. However, I believe if you cannot stabilise a weight, you have no business lifting it.

Many women in particular shy away from lifting weights as they are afraid of ‘bulking’ up. This is a complete myth and to be ignored. Let me educate you a little…

Men have much higher levels of testosterone and as such are able to build muscle much more efficiently. One of the best things a woman can do is lift weights, not only will she completely change her body shape but the increase in muscle tissue causes your body to burn more calories throughout the day.

Muscle is metabolically active tissue and is the furnace in your body where fat is actually used for energy. Not to mention:

  • Increased muscular strength and endurance
  • Increased strength of the skeletal system and connective tissues which greatly reduce your risk of injury
  • Decreased risk of osteoporosis
  • Improved self esteem
  • Improved posture

So, after much contemplation ‘what now?’ you may be asking.

Information gathering

Initially, a complimentary 30 minutes to an hour consultation is advisable before any decision to embark on a training program. I feel it is very important to see the studio, meet with me and feel comfortable. I will explain the different programs available and generally have a chat and answer any questions you may have. There is no pressure at all; it is an important decision and not to be taken lightly!

Should you wish to go ahead and I feel it is safe for you to do so, after  asking a series of questions with regards to your health, we can then agree mutually convenient times. It is vitally important to schedule dates that you know you can stick with and become an integral part of your life. If not, the program will not work and quite honestly you’re wasting your time and mine!

In order for me to help you as much as possible, a comprehensive lifestyle questionnaire is provided, covering everything from sleep patterns, stress, diet, digestion, energy levels and everything inbetween! This information is invaluable to determine your current state of health and the best course of action to take, to support you to peak health and fitness.

Your first session will allow for fitness testing, whereby I will conduct  a series of simple tests – nothing to worry about. Your blood pressure, body and visceral fat will be recorded together with body water percentage,bone density and a metabolic reading. Health assessments are then carried out every week throughout your program to monitor results and keep you on track.

Once I have gathered all the necessary information and evaluated your lifestyle questionnaire, I will discuss with you a plan of action to get you firing on all cylinders and achieve fantastic results!

It will take work and commitment though the rewards will far outweigh the effort. Ask yourself: what could possibly feel better than feeling on top form with a body you are proud of and a healthier state of mind, refreshed, revitalised and transformed?

If not now, when?