Toxic Stress Cycle

The 12 stages of the toxic stress cycle

(1)  Digestive System
Symptoms: Heartburn, tadalafil Low energy-Gas-Irritation-Constipation

(2) Colon
 Symptoms: Tissues of the body become dry or fragile-Gas-Protuding Stomach

(3) Small Intestine
Symptoms: Gas-Putrefaction-Bloating

(4) Liver & Gall bladder
Symptoms: Infection – Diabetes – Menstrual Problems – High Cholesterol

(5) Kidney & Gall  Bladder
Symptoms: Metabolic Disturbance – Water Retention -Tendency toward Osteoporosis

(6) Lungs
Symptoms: Foul Breath – Asthma

(7) Circulation: Blood Lymph
 Symptoms: Congested and toxic lymph – Swollen Lymph Nodes

(8) Spleen & Heart
Symptoms: Compromised immune System – Damage to the heart

(9) Muscle & Soft Tissue
Symptoms: Stiffness – Irritation- Pain

(10) Spine
Symptoms: Spinal Misalignment – Spine rotations -tilts -and torques

(11) Brain Nerves
Symptoms: Headaches

(12) Endocrine
Symptoms: Adrenal Burnout – Hyperglycaemia- Hypoglycaemia- Hypothyroid – Hyperthyroid


Detox-Cleanse Program – A 14 day whole food based plan for jump starting your body’s natural ability to heal itself and work optimally.

Death begins in the colon

Are you feeling sluggish, bloated,or stressed? Are your eyes and skin lacking the glow and sparkle,which comes with healthy living. Maybe it’s time to consider a detox/cleanse!

How do I detox the liver and colon?

The idea behind detoxing is simple. You cut foods containing harmful chemicals from the diet,while flushing out the impurities already in the body by drinking a lot of filtered water.

However, keep in mind that detoxing is really only sensible if it’s part of a longer-term plan. You are deluded if you think you can make up for 11 months slacking with one month’s abstinence.

Our bodies,specifically our livers,work overtime to rid themselves of the toxins or at least unnecessary substances-we put through them daily, including pesticides and growth hormones in our food, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and hard to-digest substances like dairy products and meat.

Eating an abundance of whole foods,some raw and some cooked,and eliminate the amount of chemicals we put into the body allows the liver and colon to ‘cleanse’ themselves of the impurities we ingest on a daily basis.

By cooking all our meals from the freshest,most nutritious ingredient,we revive our bodies and help eliminate the cravings for processed foods. Apart from cutting out the consumption of alcohol and caffeine you must also stay clear of refine foods,such as white sugar,white rice,and highly processed foods such as instant meals and snacks,which are full of colourings and other artificial food additives, stabilizers, preservatives, butter and all saturated fats, hydrogenated oils, cigarettes and recreational drugs.

It is also crucial to cut our meat, the residues of which can clog up the intestines for months, dairy products, and wheat products such as bread, pasta and couscous.

What is the cause of disease?

Disease is the result of acid in the body. Your lifestyle and eating habits will lead to disease if you do not alkalise your blood with the proper foods and hydration.

Obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. are all bi-products of the body not being healthy. I encourage everyone of my clients to begin with a 14 day detox cleanse to prepare the body and clear and eliminate toxic build up.

Ultimately,when your colon becomes blocked,the small intestine must work overtime to eliminate this waste. These toxins are further passed onto the liver and eventually your blood,decreases the oxygen in all the cells of your body.

Your cells will become starved and oxygen will not be delivered. Your blood-the river of life-becomes filled with toxins and literally, gradually, will become the river of death.

If you are addicted to sugar,caffeine and other addictive substances,then the only way to break the cycle of addiction is to first stop the behaviour.

Why is this important?

You will never transform your body and your health if you have no control over what you eat. I’m not talking about deprivation. I’m talking about been conscious of what you put in your mouth. You don’t have to deprive yourself of the pleasure of eating your treats to get great results. To be successful, however, you have to be able to consciously decide when to eat treats and when not to. If you don’t have the discipline to decide that you’re not going to eat something the next few weeks because its not part of your plan right now, then you will always be slave to your cravings.

The purpose of this 14- day detox-cleanse program is to help you break the cycle of unconscious eating, and reprogram the way you think about the foods you eat. This is important because if you simply try to cut back on the junk that you’ve been eating,you will fail. You have to first give up everything for a while and reclaim your power of choice.

At this point your mind WILL probably start playing tricks-screaming, No not again, heard it all before! You MUST have a big enough reason WHY to succeed on the detox program.

Ask yourself… if not now,when?

Plus detoxifying your body isn’t what it sounds like-you’ll likely to be eating more food, in far richer variety during these 14 days than you have in the past.

You’ll enjoy rich grains and delectable fruits. Vitamin packed all natural smoothies and some of the best soups you’ve ever tasted. And best of all, you’ll be making them yourself -as easy as these meals are, they’re perfect for the creative chef buried deep inside you.

If nothing else, during the 14 day detox period, you’ll acquire taste buds long forgotten about and learn that healthy eating need not be boring!

 So what will happen during your body during this detox period?

The point of detoxifying your body is to give it only what it needs to improve and maximise bodily functions and rid it of the toxins that have built up throughout the past due to poor eating and lifestyle habits. The only items you’ll sacrifice during this period are what I call the Five White Poisons.

 The Five White Poisons

1. White Flour:

Unbleached `enriched ‘ flour has been stripped of all its nutritional value and adds nothing to your body’s health.

2. Table salt:

All 70 naturally occurring minerals have been processed out (sea salt is a better option).

3. Milk/Dairy Products:

Most people are lactose intolerant, though they may not even know it. Besides, dairy often is the cause of excessive mucus production in the body.

4. Refined Sugar & Artificial Sweeteners

We can easily understand why sugar, as a simple carbohydrate, is not beneficial to your health and body transformation goals. The worst thing you could do is substitute artificial sweeteners. I never recommend anything artificial or man-made. Besides, there are conflicting research data on whether artificial sweeteners pose a health risk.

But do you really want to put your health in the hands of people who only care about how much money they can make?

5. Alcohol and Caffeine:

Too much alcohol and caffeine interfere with many of your body’s natural functions and cause your live to work overtime to rid you of their toxin by products. Alcohol & caffeine may even cause the body to become deficient in certain important fat burning nutrients.

Detox weight loss

  • “After two week Nutri cleanse: 8 lbs weight loss, 3 inches off waist, 2 inches off hips. Overall feeling of wellness, feeling energized, hair and skin glowing, tummy less bloated!”Mel


As part of the detox and cleanse plan and to support your body in eliminating toxins, specific products are required. Here at Nutribody, a team of highly qualified nutritionists, are on hand to guide each client through the detox cleanse,providing carefully selected and effective products that quite simply work.

The main objective when cleansing the body, is to restore it back to the correct PH balance, creating an alkaline balance within the body and therefore, preventing disease. Today we are all exposed to toxic or non-natural substances from the foods we eat, the air we breath, the water we drink, and the materials we encounter (clothing, building materials, carpeting and others)which challenge our bodies or overburden our systems. In addition, we produce toxins within our bodies in digestion and elimination, combating disease and infection, and dealing with stress. As a consequence, the PH balance of the body is affected, creating an acid environment, which is where disease occurs.

The nutrient composition of the PH supplements, whilst on the detox programme have been carefully selected to assist the body’s metabolic clearing process and enhanced support for the liver.